I'm sorry about the man
On the street with no place
To sleep, beggin' for small
Change and something to eat

And I'm sorry about the people
Who walk by with shame in
Their eyes, and still they're too
Greedy to spare one dime

I'm sorry about the people
Who think that they deserve
More than others, that their
Life is worth more than others

I'm sorry for the kids looking
For someone to help them.
And not just to yell at them
And I'm sorry that life isn't
Always what we ask for.

And I'm sorry that some
Always have less and some
Some have more. I'm sorry
About the feelings I hurt in
You. But feelings just change


And in the end (oh, I'm sorry)
Why can't it just be the way that
We want it to be. In the end
(Oh, I'm sorry), why can't we all
Stand up and all hold hands
(I'm sorry) why can't it just be
The way that we want it to be
In the end (oh, I'm sorry)

I'm sorry about the kids whose
Parents have gone, and now we
Tell them, find your own way and
Just hold on.

I'm sorry about the endless
Discussions about war, skin,
Color, sex, religion and more
I'm sorry about the way we
Treat each other sometimes

Or is it too much to ask that
We help people and be kind?
Sorry that the weather's not
Always right. We deserve bright
Sunshine in our souls and our lives.

Sorry that life isn't always what
We ask for, and I'm sorry that
Someone always have less and some
Have more, I'm sorry about the
Feelings I hurt in you, but feelings
Just change...

Refrain (2x
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Im Sorry Lyrics

Bananafishbones – Im Sorry Lyrics