Hope you can hear me though you're far away
Thinking of you it seems like yesterday
Hung yourself tightly on a rope
Jumped in front of a train
And we had such fun but that's all in the past
Somehow I knew it wouldn' last
Shot yourself. Then you od'd
What's wrong with me

And you said. Don't hate me. Just don't bother at all
Now help me. Cuz I'm spaced out

Thiking how we made out in the park
Holding hands strolling in the dark
Fell from a ladder. Jumped off the roof
What were you trying to proof
And you said give me another bottle of beer
Give it now. I want it right here
You git bottom I looked up
No way to stop you

Write your fellings in a song. Cuz you change on and on
One moment this. The other that
I never know what I get.
Do you see with this behavior. You will get in hell for free
Together with me.
Don't hate me. Now help me.
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Coupe Turn Off Lyrics

Bambix – Coupe Turn Off Lyrics