Today I solemnly swear
Not to ask no more questions
'Cause I'm sick of trying to find myself
I'll just sneak out through the back
Watch the whole thing happen
And I'll never question fortune
Or my health

I'm gonna live it takin' in all the sun rays
'Cause one day we're gonna die anyway

When I wake up to the morning sun
A goodnight sleep, you know I had some
Well, I'm scratchin' my head as I get out of bed
'Cause today is a brand new day

Gonna stop all of my bitchin'
Got a cheesesteak in the kitchen
And my homey's never leave me high and dry
Gonna finish up this cd
Sell a million up completely
And I'll never even have to close my eyes
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The Quest Lyrics

Ballyhoo! – The Quest Lyrics