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Intro Lyrics

Bali Baby – Intro Lyrics

[Intro: Bali Baby]

Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha
(And I go by Lil' Zack the DJ)
Who, bitch?
Who is you bitch!

This ain't one, it's two bitch!
I don't want your friend
I want you bitch!

Yeah they biting me, I'm on that new shit
Yeah they love my flow
Like I am Cupid
All on my page like "this is a cute pic."
They ask you questions
And they don't know who did
I'm honor roll
And I'm going stupid!

Make it clap (clap, clap)
Move bitch!

Bali's Play 2
Bitch, who are you?
I'm scaring bitches without saying "boo"

Bali's Play 2
Bitches are boo
Bitches are monkey's
What they see they do

Bali's Play 2
This Bali's Play 2
Let's play a game
Let's see who's gonna shoot

She stealing Molly
That's a snake in the boot
Bali's Play 2, and I only spit truth

This is extortion, I need my money
Bitch, where is my portion?
If money a drug, then you know that I'm snortin'
Pull up in something that they not affordin'
Mile high club, I'm always boarding
(Yeah, I'm on a plane!)
Yes, I'm already touring!
Making money, because my music luring
Where my degree, Cause these bitches learning

And I can be lyrical
These bitches material
I'm waking up and I'm minding my cereal
This is my area, I am imperial
Helen Keller to the shit, I'm not hearing ya
Trust me, yeah you know that I'm steering ya
Don't trust these niggas you know that they learin' ya

And I make a appearances
This weed is delirious

Bali's Play 2
This is Bali's Play 2
Bali's Play 2
Yeah, Bali's Play 2
Bitch, who are you?
Bitch, who are you?
Bali's Play 2
This is Bali's Play 2

Ha ha
Yo, where the fuck is my Chucky?
"Bome" here Chucky, let's play!
This is the second shit, if you didn't know
Level up, bitch!
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