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Protest Lyrics

Bald Vulture – Protest Lyrics

Our problems caused animal's problems
Making life miserable for them
I worry that with all these turmoils
There won't be left much for animals

Can't you see that all these species are doomed ?
How can't you see all these fucking pools of blood?
I don't think that we're having much time left
We need to create a wave of protest

And I don't understand all the things that you do
Only for the pay dignity's missing
Enough is enough
Should give respect to get respected
But you don't so fuck you ! Fuck your ass !
Stop this shit ! You make me sick !

We have to do as much things as we can
So it's time to think, to prepare and plan
For rescuing as many species as we can
Yeah..all we need is a big improvment

Take the decision to turn off the slaughter
To stop this fucking serial disaster
To take the time to fix the matter
So they can grow in a better place
In a serene area wilderness
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