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Beneath The Crimson Vaults Of Cydonia Lyrics

Bal-Sagoth – Beneath The Crimson Vaults Of Cydonia Lyrics

[Ruminations from the Six Pyramids of Cydonia:]

This red charnel pit of primal horror, howling black ecstasies to the void.
Ancient and divine, older than the hidden Icosahedron, now rebirthed beyond the chaosphere.
Rise... rise and destroy!
Hatred, carnage, slaughter, havoc, chaos, murder!
I am become the devourer of all life!
Phobos, Deimos! The moons' rays liquefied in these blood red pyramids.
In the shrines of abomination, black tongues rapt with blasphemy.
Chaosphere, watchtowers, genesis, Cydonia...
The Abyss yawns wide!
Spirit of the carrion-thronged battlefield, open wide thy gate!
Colossal shapes etched against the moons, supine obeisance 'fore the mound,
Accursed fiends, hail the Slitherer, abhorrent jaws drooling lunacy.
The Abyss yawns wide... Claws sharpened on the dead.
The Abyss yawns wide... Ensanguined fangs agleam.
Great shadow, awaken and eclipse the suns of a thousand worlds...
Slumbering 'neath these crimson vaults, behold the majest of the Outer Darkness!
Praise the Z'xulth!
Fell Worm of the Black Galaxy, awaken and descend without pity upon the Tellurian sphere!
Destroy the flaccid priests of the newborn usurper faiths.
Sweep away the thralls of the cruciform stave!
Crush the lackeys of the corrupted hexagram!
Devour the slaves of the eastern crescent!
Crush them, grind them, slay them all!
Plague-blessed, flay them alive!
Now, behold in terror what waits beneath the crimson vaults of Cydonia...
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Songwriters: Byron A. Roberts, Christopher Maudling
Beneath The Crimson Vaults Of Cydonia lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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