I wanna be that someone special in his life
I wanna kiss him good morning
And hold him at night
I want to know what he's feeling
And not have to ask
And when he comes to me
He comes with no guilt attached

I wanna be that someone special who touches his soul
I wanna understand his moods
But not try to control
I wanna open his mind
To a different side
And when he speak to me
He know there's nothing to hide

I wanna be inspired by his world
I wanna feel the fascination of opinioned conversations
I don't want a love that's polished and perfected
I just want a relationship that's comfortably realistic

But to be that someone special is not easy
Cause to be that certain person
Is one and only person

Is someone that's special to me
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Some Special Lyrics

Bakery – Some Special Lyrics

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