You be a good girl
You’ll get everything you need
I’ll give you house white
I’ll provide you’ll see
Children will cheer you
Gold to touch your feet
And only laughter
It’s the kind that you’ll agree

You’ll see
You’ll see

You’ll see out of this black hole
From sunny days to green trees
And when you grow up you’ll be beautiful
You’ll see

No more diseased pets
Or dumpster diving no more
You’ll go home to
Milk-chocolate lined floors
And we’ll all be there
Dining in style
In your house white
Just hold on for a while

Born from the jet black ash
Risen from the dead
You’ll be sleeping on clouds
And the moon to rest your head
When you grow up you’ll be beautiful
You’ll see
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Jet Black Ash Lyrics

Bain Mattox – Jet Black Ash Lyrics