When I wake up in the mornin'
You know I find my babe playin' with my gun
She's so decided in the mornin'
That she wants to blow up my (brain) mind

'Cause she's my dangerous love

When the night falls I find my babe
Lyin' in my lovin' arms
But I can't get no sleep
'cause I don't know if she could do me no harm

'Cause she's my dangerous love

That's why I decided the very next mornin'
That I had to throw my gun away
If I don't wanna loose my baby
And live my life or find me dead instead

'Cause she's my dangerous love

Now I got her walkin' 'round
She doesn't know which other way to chose
She's getting ready for the second round
But she knows that she ain't got another chance to lose

'Cause she's my dangerous love
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Dangerous Love Lyrics

Bag Of Nails – Dangerous Love Lyrics