A fresh start to living clean
Coffee with scrambled brains
Spoon fed by helping maids
Safe behind walls
Tucked in a paralyzed
From within from within, from within

Three cheers of hip hooray
God as a prescription
Comforting ‘till the end
We draw our last breath
Deep, full and sterilized
Breath it in, breath it in

Screen all my calls
Cut off my friends
Be my comedian
Tell jokes till I laugh
Or till I cry
When I’m reminded again
Of who and what I am

In a place called nowhere
No one asked questions
They mind their own business
Things stay the same
No one cares where you come from
Or asks where you’re going
And that’s where I’m going
If nowhere can be found

If there’s a place called nowhere
I’m going to find it
Sell all my memories
Pick out a house and buy it
It’s nowhere so you won’t be there
Be there to haunt me
Be there to taunt me
Be there to remind me

That you don’t deserve this
Or that your beauty blinds me
Just a place called no where
Or someplace where the world can’t find me
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A Place Called Nowhere Lyrics

Bad Love Junkie – A Place Called Nowhere Lyrics

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