When did life get this sudden rush of adrenaline?
21 but I'm goin' on 27 Juju fresh out the trama ward Hopeton in heaven
Now we on the block sippin henny bumpin that many men
3 pisyols, 2 niggas, 1 minivan, 0 chances I see my little brother again
When we find the one who did it it's off with his head
Yesterday we smoke tomorrow your gone with the wind
It's a sad situation back and forth pacing
I'm prayin for more than patience
Pour a lil out for my nigga before we take sips
Rest in the real Paradise the hills ain't shit
Compared to where your headed
The realest left the building y'all give my nigga his credit
But life is what you make it until the day that I'm a dead man
I scream smoke and I smoke scream with that headband
Bitches speak on your name when they're so irrelevant
Grey gang we shoulda got you a Letterman
A short story one that I'm wishin never would end
Forever and ever again let me drown in these pills and promethazine
This shit is wild they killed you at 17 now in a better place seeing
Things that you never seen but karma still comes around like a wedding
Please pray for my niggas mom but don't pray for me pray for the
Person that did it we on his fitted and if detectives get to this
Dumbie before we done him it's a win win cos half my homies in prision
Lil homie wit a heart of gold, shine on us it'll help us with the darkest roads
Hope on everything I love I swear we love you was like my lil bro but
Never put my self above you no players 2's no redos or undos I know
Life is fast I know that cos I'm still young too I came from a pack of
Lions I aint lyin it's the jungle so I hoover over niggas cos I'm so
Tired of being humble fuck it all these funny niggas in the way I'm
Finna bubble and do this for all the ones we lost in a struggle and if
It's ment to be then it'll fuck around and sting you but if it's meant to
Be then first you gotta let it bumble she got double D's what's the
Meaning of being subtle stepin in this bitch like can I please get a
Drum roll playing 2 pac never needed to play the thug role juiced the
Fuck up fist high but I keep my thumbs low I-N-H-A-L-E the gun smoke
That's inhale if you can't spell although I wish you were here my nigga
I wish you well
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Hope Lyrics

Bad Karma – Hope Lyrics

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