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Redrum Lyrics

Bad Dreamz – Redrum Lyrics

My crew is locked down like chainz and shackles
Im ready to cut through flesh right through your skin with a scalpel decomposed
I catch a body in niggamortis evil forces in the orophis
I strikes the horsemen
Surrounded by angels of death with blood spitting
From your fucking neck where
I proceeded to buss techs my paragraphs attacking
So now your dying so whos next?
My crew is evil from that grave yard
So dont you forget that devily influence
For me to kill just to catch rep your dying underground
Covered in creepy crawlies and insects
I wrap my rope around your neck your hanging
From my tree of death decomposed and now your fucking lifeless squeeze the trigger
In this graveyard its getting deeper safety catch off
Cocked back buss shots at the reaper
Im the darkest creature
R.i.p too poetic grim reaper
Eternally morbidly got put into the sleeper
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