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It's A Wonderful Life Lyrics

Bad Acid Trip – It's A Wonderful Life Lyrics

Multi-Million dollar market - they're our prisions
Keep the menice off the streets - we don't need them
Build bigger better prisions - for our children
Beat'em, bash'em, fucking rape them - hail our system
They declare war on drugs - what a joke
Fucking whores and smoking dope - clinton tokes
C. I. A. Sells the crack - it's an industry
They allow all the drugs - in the country
What the fuck is going on
Hopes of a future are gone
Using our taxes for bombs
When chi; ldren live in slums
There's no money for schools
The poor are treated like mules
Equeal oppertunity is bullshit
When the rich rule all markets
It's a wonderful life
Work real hard and break your back - you're still poor
Pimp your ass for a loaf of bread - you're a whore
Politicians lie and cheat - all the time
They'll fuck your mother for a nickel - or a dime
Buy their products and their food - they're the best
Eat the chemicals and hormones - grow a breast
Rape the land and pollute the seas - just for profit
Killing man with their disease - causing havoc
It's a wonderful life
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