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Swingset Song Lyrics

Backseat Goodbye – Swingset Song Lyrics

Two kids are on a swingset
Outside by me and you
And I can't quite place where I placed my keys
The sun is setting the moon is bright tonight
And I love the shadow our hands cast by the trees
The leaves don't fall anymore 'cause it's summer thank god for that
And I could run away, I've got legs for that
But I've got a home now and I like it here
The birds outside my door
Sing me to sleep I'm sure
To thank them everynight and keep in touch
With the friends I thought I'd lost
Somehow I always find them where I left them
I'm beginning to think my parents were right all along
I used to be scared of love
But now I keep it close, without it we would all forget to breathe
Fairly soon I want to move to a small house on the coast
Just because the ocean's so damn pretty
Like a flower pedal lost in the wind's relentless gust
I've forgotten where I'm from but still have hope
That I'll find myself a new life not too different from the old
Where I'll laugh and get lost some more
And we'll still have inside jokes
And I'll still be so forgetful
And we'll trade in all our money for the simple things
They say dreams are uncertain
I say lies are overrated we should bury them and smile a little more
'Cause if there's one thing I've learned
From being young and insecure
It's you don't need no money to live and be happy
Just find some friends and forget all the worst
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