I am sure that my encounter with you was not chance
I don't know why I feel that suddenly
We will continue our trip to other places
I realize suddenly that it is flourishing
Our time and our only flower

I cannot be sincere and to thank you
I hate so much that part of myself
Although it is only a word I cannot say it with my mouth
I look for an exit inside my heart

Wind up the clock and playback everyday
For that hate it so much that I try to scream
And to pursue that shade day by day
Are you ready? A race...
... Until that place, the silly memories grow
We always made some noise everywhere

That moment in that you said 'good bye'
And you said those desperate final words
My shy smile seemed
Forced to say the word 'good luck'
Someday the water will appear
And the light will make flourish that changing flower
That it will never dry off!

Although everything ends up separate
Broken and about to disappear
We still believe in the days that we passed together
This for sure there are things that will never change flower.

Because you're broken pieces escape and they fall off the palm of my hand
I pick up them and I join them again
As if it armed a jigsaw puzzle of you yeah

Uh we make A haromony
Just like A flower's melody
Our shine is as that of a diamond ring
So I wanna say to you

I cannot be sincere and to thank you
For really love me so much
The memories between you and me for always
They will shine in all moments inside my heart
I cannot be sincere and to thank you
For really love me so much
Although the time passes like now
There are a lot of road to continue
Along this place flower.
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Flowers (English Translation) Lyrics

Back-On – Flowers (English Translation) Lyrics