You call it friendship a brotherhood in stone
You stab me in the back now a brotherhood is done
With the knife I give you dig it deeper in my side
Your calling out my name but you're running from the fight
You thinks it's funny you think it's right
Eviction wins again, blacklisted bad bad man
This is my reality my life that I live
With thugs and punks and the drunks and the skins

30th and adams the kadan it's been
A long time since I've been clean
Shut mouth and shut your face
Cause you got nothing your set in stone and set in your ways
Try to take my food and take my money
A lowsy excuse you go run with leave out to die
It's what I'm fucking left with a lowsy excuse I'm left with
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Blacklisted Lyrics

Back Alley Hooligans – Blacklisted Lyrics

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