They first thought that I was a girl, but they was wrong I was a boyish
Girl. I don't like dress ups I don't wear make up' I don't like pageant I
Don't want romance. But they keep telling me what to do

I'm not a boy, I'm not a girl I'm just a boyish girl. Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo
Yish-ish-ish-ish-ish girl. A boyish girl.

When I was a kid I was a girl' but now I realize, that I'm just a boyish

I'm not a boy, I'm not a girl. I'm just a boyish yish-ish-ish-ish-ish
Girl. A boyish girl

B-o-y-i-s-h g-i-are-l boyish girl
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Boyish Girl Lyrics

Baby Z – Boyish Girl Lyrics

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