Grown Man Chrome
Ridin On the Phone
Black And white diamonds
My Ice Can't get along

Money Is my scent
She loving my cologne
Every hoods favorite
Yeah I'm well known

I got 40 acres
Cuz I ani't no failure
It didn't mean sh
Unless it's on paper

I'm sharper than a razor
In my new blazer
Colder than a glacier
In my chuck taylors

Verse 1

The kid fresh
Looking like the best
We goon get this money
Till ani't none left

Cash checks
Brinks to my left
I represent the hustle
A legend in the flesh

All stars like these
Things on my feet
Feline like a million
Billion or trillion

Got these hoes in my mouth
Like they looking for fillings
It must be these chuck cuz
Before they wasn't feeling

I had one said she wanna
Marry me
And come to find out
She wanna bury me

For these chuck taylors
I said see you later
And went to the store
And coped another pair

The black ones
With the star ova there
On my feet they say a stars
Ova there

I said yup to watch from ova there
Cuz I'm colder than a glacier
In my chuck

Verse 2

Ice box
Girls give me

When they come
Around my way
They always trine

Got these tailors
On like I'm running
In a fing

E. H. F. To the
Hell no we don't play

Bang bang bang bang
Baby k
Imam get mine switch chucks
Up every other day

Like a fashion show
Walikin on the flo
Matching wit my shirt
Even matching wit her skirt

I'm looking like I surf
But only on swag
Dunkin on these donuts

Throw em in the bag
N I don't --- with them
Bootleg sneaks them
50 dollar jordans ani't never on me

With these chucks on
I feel like a millionaire
I got these exclusive
O yea there rare

So remember we major
In a new pair and colder
Than a glacier
In my chuck taylors

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Chuck Taylors Lyrics

Baby K – Chuck Taylors Lyrics