Baby D off in this bia bia
Eastside nigga
Lil C off in this bia bia bia
Westside nigga

Eastside Hoe!
Westside nigga!

Eastside Hoe (Naw nigga westside biatch!) - (7x)

Eastside Hoe (4x)
Naw nigga, westside biatch (4x)

(Baby D)
Jus call me muthafuckin Baby D frum da D-E-C
Candler road, Gresham road??? Mackafee
Bouldercrest, eastside fuck da rest
Fuck nigga don't wanna test
Dat eastside playa nigga
Strait frum decatur nigga
(Eastside hoe!!!!!)
Big oomp hoe
Dat candy paint on my toy
Label me a Georgia boy
Grilled out, smoked out
A ss on 19s
Candler road, eastwick my nigga who got dat green
I got control
A-t-l-a-n-t-a, eastside G-A
Where ya frum nigga
Eastside nigga
We ridin dirty 4 reel
Eastside nigga we trill
If dey aint den spill em fuck em
Dere dey go get em

Eastside ho! (4X)
(naw nigga)
Westside biatch (4X)

(Lil C)
So whut yall really know about tha westside
Frum Bankhead to Tilt and Roe dat 559
We grilled out frum da flo' up
Frum Hollywood sho nuff
I talk a lot shit 'cause eastside get swoll up
(Bia bia!!!!!)
1234 boi
I'm still screamin westside
See I'm bouncin wit my boiz
We too deep in this shit
Westside runnin this bitch
Put da swang on dat nigga if he make da wrong twitch
We swurvin ss Impalaz
Eastside hoez don't holla
See westside niggaz are cheap
And ride hundred 4 deep
So back up off me in this place
Make way westside comin through
Westside biatch
Whut da fuck yall gon do

Westside biatch (4X)
(naw nigga)
Eastside hoe (4X)
(naw nigga)
Westside biatch (4X)
(naw nigga)
Eastside hoe (4X)

Jump (16X)

Eastside hoe
(Naw nigga)
Westside biatch
(Naw nigga) (8X)

Jump! (17X)
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Eastside Vs. Westside Lyrics

Baby D – Eastside Vs. Westside Lyrics