f/ Ghetto Concept


Too much for money

Too much for cars

Too much for hoes

Too much for clothes

Too much for bar

Too much for clubs

Too much for thugs

Too much for drugs

Too much for much

Too much for love

Too much for haters

Too much for players

Too much for gators

Too much for paper

Too much for favors

Too much for saws

Too much for laws

Too much for raws

Too much for brawls

Too much for y'all

[Verse 1: Kwajo]

Breakdown niggas, run through niggas

Stay comin' through with my 7 Bills niggas

Make mad figures, my thugs pull triggers

Leave 'em with the cash and the stash, quick niggas

All day everyday

We do or die, serious

Pass up in the cut, these haters keep get in touch

Zig-Zag to Dutch, livin' it up

G.C., 7 Bills what?

Sharpen the cut


[Verse 2: Dolo]

My nigga pump all night

Do the goonin' all night

Bag a trick that blow dick

And twist that bitch all night

Got my ring, chain-swings

We got the drop word-life

Hamela, Hannibal cop

Put that in your pipe

The tough diaras mazara rap don't concern me

We cut your Beef Jerkey, Cold Turkey

Presedential, Oyster Iceberg jersey

Whatchu got ain't worthy

Four 50's, need a shift

Swallow your derby nigga



[Verse 3: Kwajo]

Yo the 7 Too Much were just too dangerous

We Off-The-Hook, we balterbus, all murderous

Outta the blue, get swept like Typhoon

Top 'coons, killin' these fools with brand new tunes

Ladies shake the middle (What?)

Fellas throw your guns up

Strictly thumbs up, when we come you get duffed up

Cuffed up, roughed up, 7 Bills, nigga what?

9-9, tucci, we erupt, just too much


[Verse 4: Dolo]

To all my Porto Rocks and Ice Cubans who lick shots

My Dominicans, makin' them ends and don't stop

To my stone-cold niggas who controllin' the blocks

And all my stone-cold bitches never blowin' up spots

I put it down for y'all

Let off a rhyme for y'all

Knowin', too much for much, but I'ma pound for y'all

Never see me at the Bar, got that Crown Royal

How that sound?

Mow y'all, everybody get ball, c'mon

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Too Much (feat. Ghetto Concept) Lyrics

Baby Blue Soundcrew – Too Much (feat. Ghetto Concept) Lyrics