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Weed Hand Lyrics

Baby Bash – Weed Hand Lyrics

from album: Tha Smokin' Nephew (2003)
Sometimes tha game got me stressin, partner I can't lie
I roll me a sweet and smash off in a ride.
And hoe please, I aint never lied
I put my weed hand n da sky
I put my weed hand n da sky
I respect it for tha of life
And hoe please, I aint never lied
I put my weed hand in da sky
I put my weed hand in da sky

The smoke's killing off my lungs and appendix.
It's Baby Bash the modern day Jimi Hendrix.
Deep down in texas, dope house is so relentless.
The fluff is endless. Smokin wit my Lawyer and my Dentist.
Feelin stupedous, wanna come to my quarter sack?
Smokin on greenery. Slangin Bobby to dem older cats.(bobby brown)
Dem doulja sacs, wit a coffee grinder at my mercy.
Done rolled in Lacs in a highspeed chase, but they couldn't curch me.
Cotton-mouth and thirsty gotta keep my spirit lifted though.
My spiritual, lyrical, it's hydro miracle.
I'm comin visious though, when I'm fully loaded off dat derby.
Feelin so worthy cause my vacuum lungs are like dat Kirby.
And don't Disturb me when I'm floatin to my foriegn land.
You know fo'sho I keep my pipe in my weed hand.
My weed hand is something I don't disrespect. Your weed hand throw it up and represent Your weed.


I'm a gone admit it. If you pass me the Flight I'm a gone and hit it.
Now you I'm wit it, bag of tha Lights got a 'zone and split it.
Lit it up wit my nephew and now I'm floatin. Purple Pepe Le Pew.
My crown is broken. Soakin up my sauce, sippin Styraphone cups.
Chokin now I'm lost, get this fire rolled up.
If you ridin on us, dats cool but pass da dro.
A dime as fine as you just has to go, cause you done cashed the bowl
And I ain't even get a hit. No not even a little bit.
So now leave and get rid of this.
Baby girl don't disrespect the love and I can't see that.
Ask where we get the best of bud. Put up your weed hand.


Man I been gone since way back before. Cause this boy go back to do-do.
Might hit tha bong, pack up a bowl.
I'm too damn high don't pass me no mo'.
I blaze dro, sip on a for. Stayin throwed but I'm on a note.
You can smell tha bomb all on my clothes.
Man look at my eyes they bout to close.
I'm chunkin deuce up out the roof, wit my weed hand in the sky.
I'm stayin blowed on optimos and I'm leanin half da time.
I'm stackin mine, so what it do? I'm stayin high but I hustle fool.
Don't be at home up on my ass, gotta get up, get out and glock some cash.
Hoes thinkin they gonna smoke for free, but not wit a young P. I. M. P. Just 'cause I'm gone don't mean I'm dumb.
Wreck microphones fo' tha bank funds.
Now blaze sum of dat greenery and pour up sum of dat purple stuff.
Down here we sippin and blowin, yea I know you heard of us.


Ending outro: My weed hand, put ur weed hand in da sky, my weed hand, east west, my weed hand, north, south, something we can all relate to, my weed hand.
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