You're just a Ghost in a shell from hell
You're well coated so nobody else could ever tell
Until they see for themselves just the reason I ain't doing this
And then you wanna act like you never doing shit
Like you so innocent, what is that to you
Cause the way you tryna tell me got a nigga all confused
Like boo, you know damn well that isn't true
You can only call me crazy if I didn't have the proof
Look, I still catch you in your own lies
If you already know the outcome then why do you even try
To rely, on something that you made up in your mind
Hopefully you grow from that when another nigga tries

Now you're dead to me
I won't love you again
Now you're dead to me
I won't love you again

Don't take it personal when I speak the truth
If you never wanna hear it then change all the things you do
See I only want the best wanna see a better you
But since now you're dead to me you gotta give yourself the clues
Isolated yourself from the one who always cared
So how will you stop yourself now that your helper isn't there
No where, to give you all the answers super clear
Can't complain to anybody or say that this isn't fair
Shit you had more chances than a fucking bid
But you kept on acting crazy like a tantrum from a kid
All because of other voices tell me for who do you live
Nothing that you ever told me justifies for what you did
If you only watched your sickness from another vision
Then maybe you'll trim it or maybe you would actually listen
But no longer that will be my mission
Cause the five four double one love is completely finished
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Dead 2 Me Lyrics

B13 – Dead 2 Me Lyrics

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