I'm from the great white north, right
Like up above the states (yah);
The big land mass that the rest of the world hates (fuck yah)
We're like, above that, fuckin' north I guess
The big patch of trees where everybody's bored to death
We're just chillin up here, sippin' syrup, playin' hockey
Before we learn to walk we can cross-check properly (yup)
Just rockin' plaid jackets, chainsaws we operate 'em
Fuckin' eh right we do bud, we cut our weight in fire wood
Every twenty minutes or so, "smoke break"
And if the leafs make the playoffs I'll fuckin' jump in the lake (ohh)
Fuckin' buddy comes over to my place the other night,
And he's like, "you wanna go for a rip," and I was like, "fuckin right"
So we hop in the truck and hit the mud, and I was like, "ooohhh fuck ya

Just out for a rip are ya bud?
Just out for a rip?

I come from the land of the polite,
Where s***s covered in ice
So when I'm down in the states, they're like, "Ur too fuckin' nice"
Like, ya we got manners, but fuckin buddies still fuckin fight, and fuckin
Swear, and fuckin drink all night
Like this one time me and fuckin buddy are out havin a dart,
And fuckin buddy fuckin burns a hole in my coat
And I was like, "fuck bud", because the coat was pretty new right
And he was like "fuck you," so I put his head in a snow bank
And just started fuckin' feedin 'em the right, left
Like fuckin' boom boom boom, ya had enough yet
And he's like, "okay okay, fuck chill out, shit"
So I pulled him outta the snow and we went out for a rip (yah)

Just out for a rip are ya bud (oh fuck ya)
Just out for a rip (fuckin' right)
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Out For A Rip Lyrics

B Rich – Out For A Rip Lyrics