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Rays Mistress Lyrics

Azure Ray – Rays Mistress Lyrics

When I met you I wanted to learn not to lie
I wanted to be good enough for you
You deserved the best
You were so honest
I was learning to be better
You were perfecting your deceit

Your brutal truth
Was just to see me die a little inside
Where is that now
Why I write these songs
Is the same reason you do
What you can't say
You don't need to

Why can't you say if you love me
Tell them I'm worth it
I know these things
And I love you the same
You see
My love was never a game
So I've learned a lesson in love
But I swear
I was getting better all on my own
Why can't you see that
Why can't you see that
I can't write fast enough
My heart is so tired
Wishing you didn't have to go
Wishing I was the only love you know
She says that she's the only one that knows your secrets
Well I know them enough
And my love will never stop
Yea no praying I'll fall out of love with you
I shoulda took a clue
But if yours songs are just a cover
For courage you don't have
I told you I'd make it easy for you
All you have to do is let me love you
And I could forgive
You forgive
I had to find out
But I can't stop loving you
Just had to understand
Whatever you choose
This mistress will always know
The moment I started to grow
Started to grow
Your so smart
Youve got to of known
It's so easy to see
What I've done was to put the lies to light
I've always been waiting
Always been forgiving
Always been loving you
I got better
Then got worse
Waiting waiting
Well I'm not waiting anymore
I'm loving you regardless
And never gonna settle that score
I owe someone a talking to
But my love for you prevents that
Your my man
My king
So sing
So sing
Maybe someday
I'll find a song for me
One that's speaks of how you do love me
And I'm worth something
Yes I'm worth something
Why can't you see
No longer can I cry
Cus yes I take these pills
They dry my eyes
And no longer do I see songs
Of how they know I wept all night
So thank god for that
Yes I've been loving you loving you
And you thought it was just a game
So I became
What everyone saw in me
Just a whore
Just a whore
Guess I didn't need to try to better my life
My life was chosen
By those that make no mistakes
And have perfect lifes
So I'm writing writing fast as I can
So that someone sees
Before all the wishes of ending my life
Come true
Yes yes I'm losing my mind
Over you
Cause all I ever wanted
Was to love you
Now that I've said my vows
I'll pretend your loyalty is the same
And show you all
Who really deserves to be put to shame
Not me
Not me
My love is real
My love is unending
Please don't let me be
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