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Like Hoy Lyrics

AZN Pride – Like Hoy Lyrics

When yoo cee sumthang ill, naw mean?ta tea is hoy.
Yoo cee a fione gurl walkin, thas hoy
Yoo cee yr friends at the mall, say "Hoy!"
The last song by brothers done by joanas, thas hoy
Aw pongtangina shit
It gose like this mayn..

I met this bad baybaee on line,
She was like hoy
Had me cooking up baboy
Like hoy
Bought the bebot ballot and rice
I mean hoy
Shood have seen her suck the juice out
Like hoy
Cee pecos anit the prolum
Cee mye lechons like hoy
Sent in baklayan boxes
Like hoy
Calln ebri1 uncle and untie
Like hoy
Fake tommy hilfigure like nigger
Like hoy
And most likely his name is boy
Like hoy

My baybots, like eegots,
Got da paceos,
Eating iaso, joan ahs is
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