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Honest Lyrics

Azedia – Honest Lyrics

These murmured mumbles from my mouth
Are honest homage to the ones I think about
But these confessions bring you down
Only sometimes

I never asked to own this throne
A guilty pleasure never known
I try to reap just what I’ve sown
Only sometimes
You know that I could walk away
Can stop at any time of day
You listen to the words I say
Only sometimes

The public only spares their time
If they can save a single dime
If only they could know these rhymes
Are taking me from normal life
A simple walk from minor fame
Rips you from family the change
Will cause you to get used to pain
Only sometimes

The silence comes before you know
The panic starts to take control
The crowd is asking you for more
But you sang your last song hours ago
You think that you are doing fine
But then your death is at the deadline
Just keep your cool just keep your mind
Don’t let the label steal your life

My quips these lips are artists
Only see the money if the puppet makes hits
Someone is bound to hate this
Judging by the comments made below the track list
We’re dodging every verbal fast fist
Fat cats wearing black hats with a stamp that says skip
Only stay alive when the angels notice
Only sometimes

Taking me from normal life
Sign the line below
The world will never know
The world will never know
Light will find you
Light will find you
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