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Bleedem Joog Lyrics

AzChike – Bleedem Joog Lyrics

I got a bag I could change a bitch life hold on
Mean nigga she dont like you cuz you nice ay
Bitch nigga she don’t like you cuz you dyke
Ay playin with yo life you gone gamble like its dice hold on
Ay I like a bitch out her panties fuck a song pussy good ay she gone get a grammy
Fuck a plug lil nigga get the lean from yo grammy
Ay niggas got pussies I ain't beefing with a tranny
Ay big Glock handgun come in handy
Goin over head ay I hope you understand me
Get a nigga slumped, get em popped like a xanny
Pussy so good when im done she need a nanny hold on
Clean check bitch Givenchy when im walking
Four leaf clover bitch im lucky like im bustin
Niggas get the beef out this petty like its Hawkins
Ion want the pussy lil bitch I get it often
Hold on

Hey bumped up imma fool with the drip
800 on the kicks an a move for that shit
Ay shinin like the sun get the moon for a bitch
Ay hot like the summer Im like June on the bitch
Hey I never played, you a bitch that I fucked
Why you thinkin that you bae
Hey California son bitches love throwing shade
What the fuck I Give a fuck give me f for the grade
Sheesh niggas lying thru they teeth you ain't repping what you live bitch you lying thru a beat
Ay take it to a cleaners got get em ironed get em creased
Ay duck duck goose bitch we knockin off his beak
Sheesh hey im back on it pull out your phone bitch im finna snap on it
Im with the norf bitch of course bitch im from the brack on it
Hey quarterback sneak bitch im from the sack on it
Hold on
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Songwriters: Terrence Hackett, Unknown Writer
Bleedem Joog lyrics © Songtrust Ave

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