Tell me how to feel
Show me what is real
I tried to back away but every where's the same and in this over conscious world all I want to do is dream

I don't know what you held onto to get this far, but I need some too
Because I'm slipping from existence and there's just no resistance to stop this all from happening

Today the pain, it got so bad, I had to scream
I'm cutting myself because I cannot face the world around me, that's nothing
I'm cutting myself because there's no way out
Dispersing what I feel so I feel nothing

I don't know what to do to be as numb as you
I must be doing something wrong to always feel this down
With an overwhelming urge to shut out those around
I tried to reach out to the past
The lesson learned is to not look back
The memories will just confuse an overwhelmed and frightened youth

I've learned to accept it
I know that that's pathetic
I can't explain to others
I know that they'll reject it
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Cutting Lyrics

Ayria – Cutting Lyrics