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Kisimiisunou (Kiss Me Snow) (English Version) Lyrics

Ayabie – Kisimiisunou (Kiss Me Snow) (English Version) Lyrics

Why does snow go along on my cheek in the summer?
I quietly wait your answer at night.

The sudden words cool down the air. And it causes speeding up to decrease the body temperature.
It is like a weak woman, reality or Karuta (Japanese card game). I take it. (I cannot sleep well at midsummer. So Morberia says.)

I wish that this time would be lost. The event was too big. I cannot falsify it any longer.

It is you who do not move. The dark is blue that drives the body clock mad. We, two gaze depth of the color.

It is me who keeps waiting in the favorite forest as it is.
I blot my thoughtless desire to my heat. The snow kisses me naturally.

Love, no, I cannot express it with only such a word.

I notice now. It is too late. Your gesture of closing an eye (reflection of the wall) showed your limit many times.
We are trees in the night. Where are we going to separately.

I keep waiting in the dream with watching the unremovable hoop.
I call you with loud voice, though. The snow gives me a good-bye kiss.

Love, mad, I keep looking at you because of them. No, it's not true. I want to meet you again. I want to tell it to you.
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