How do rumours get started?
Started by the jealous people
They get mad
See something they had
And somebody else is holding
They tell me that temptation
Is very hard to resist
But these wicked woman
Oh, they just persist
Maybe you think it's cute
But girl I'm not impressed
I tell you what I'm only
With my business please don't mess

When you look at all these rumours
Surrounding me every day
I just need some time
Some time to get away from
From all these rumours
I can't take it no more
My best friend said
That's why I'll never
Be with the girl next door

Did you hear the one about Tina?
Some say she's much to loose
That came straight from a guy
Who claims he has the proof
Did you hear that one about Michael?
Some say he must be gay
I tried to argue but they said
If he was straight he wouldn't move that way
Did you hear the one about Susan?
Some say she's just a tease
In a camisole
She's six feet tall
She'll knock you to your knees (when you)


I can't go no place
With somebody pointing a finger
Can't show my face
'Cause when it comes to rumours
I'm a dead ringer
It seems some rumours
I just can't get away
I bet there will be rumours
Floating around on judgement day
I think I'll write my congressman
And tell him to pass a bill
The next time they catch somebody
Spreading rumours shoot to kill


Stop stop spreading those rumours around
Stop stop spreading those lies
What's mine is mine
I ain't got time
For rumours in my life
I'm a man who thinks
Not a man who drinks
So please let me live my life

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Rumours Lyrics

Awesome – Rumours Lyrics

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