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Your Choice Lyrics

A.W.A.S. – Your Choice Lyrics

Once there was peace and love all around.
There was no evil and everything was fine.
Once upon a time, one angel thought in his mind:
I want to be almighty, almighty like God
He was thrown out of heaven and became the Beast,
The beast, that is called
That's called: Satan.

God taught man to love and to live.
Satan seduced to sin, they have to die.
Everyone lived in sin. Satan ruled over them
But God sent his holy son,
So you can get forgiveness of your sin.
And so eternal live. He died for you and he died for me
You can resist the beast and get a peaceful and holy live.

Once you will go to heaven,
And God will reward you thousand times.
Do not trust Satan's word.
He wants to seduce you.
Fight with me, fight with us,
Live for Christ and spread his love.
We are strong through Jesus Christ.

At the end of time Satan will be thrown into eternal hell,
Everyone who didn't believe t will follow him.
But you could live in heaven, together with the holy God.

Where will you go? Said you yes, or said you no?
Do you trust in Satan's lies, or do you live in Jesus Christ?
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