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Speak Up Lyrics

Avogadro – Speak Up Lyrics

Ft. Conceptz


Once the mic is in my clutches you know that it's on son/ no time for games man you mess with the wrong one/ Rotterdam nigga home of the street raps/ stores ain't the only one that's giving you feedback/ get motivated by the people I move with/ stay in writing mode with the hand that I shoot with/ reach for the stars shoot for the moon/ you hill Billy rappers get prepared for you doom/ I'm on my grind I need pills to sleep/ the story of my life is giving chills to each/ music is my therapy confession on drums/ for nine to five workers those clapping them guns/give it all you got man there's no one to blame/ ya stereo typical you all sound the same/ this is hip hop it's a part of my system/ can't stand the heat then get the hell out the kitchen

Chorus 2x

Why speak up, you got nothing to tell me
Flows keep blazing, we fire like hell be
We (r) bringing you that stuff that you fiend for
Strictly real shit is the reason we here (r) for

[Verse 2:]

I remember back in the days when hip-hop was raw/ in the streets of Rotterdam headz fiending for more/ spittin' bars on tape with Blood-spill, Politix/ Zarathustra & D, who wanna stop this? / Code Red in the mix, 010 gets sensational/ I'm bringing that back, my song is like inspirational/ poem, outsiders be a stepping-stone/ on the path to success, if they try to compete/ like a skeleton missing a bone, they are incomplete/ if you still envy, then I aim it at ya dome, I either elevate ya mind or I be obnoxious/ then I knock you unconscious/ Avogadro & conceptz, y'all ready know: touching one of us is risky/ I rocked shows from 010 to Helsinki/ get the message in my songs whether you burn йm or cop йm/ you ain't part of the solution, you are just part of the problem.

Chorus 2x

Verse 3

Unexplainable hunger got a story to tell/ it's like I'm out of character I'm under a spell/ get brave and test me I swing like jet li/ conceptz the ruggidnesss the realest M. C. / once I'm in my zone you best to leave me alone/ battling my ego we go straight off the dome/ songs with methaphors promise to keep it raw/ keep bringing things that you never have heard before.

They brag & brawl but never do shit/ we rap & crawl ''cause we ain't stupid/ even the government got us under surveillance/ this is ain't a collabo, it's like when big forces form alliance/we drop heavy/ homie you better get ready/ my team gets stronger/ From Rotterdam to Paris, connection gets longer/ my homie Sebmaestria on the beat/this is nothing but an anthem for the streets.

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