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I Need You Lyrics

Aviation – I Need You Lyrics


You know I love you girl
And you know I always will.
I want to be with you forever 'til the day that I get killed.

I remember the days girl, just me and you
But now that your gone whatchu want me to do?
You're so special.
So baby just let me bless you.
It'll be different this time I will caress you.
But I guess you don't believe I can change.
Life without you is like weaving through lanes.
I just want to see you, touch you, even breathe you.
Just for a minute I wish the pain you would see through,
I need you and this is right from my heart.
And I'm really, really sorry about the fights after dark.
You're a goddess, a princess, an angel from heaven
And I've been lookin' for you darlin' since the age of eleven.
You can't be gone, this pain can't be real
But I know it is girl 'cause it's all I feel.
I use to think one day, walking the aisle,
Standin' there as you walk struttin' up with a smile.
Please listen, I need you to go on.
You stole a piece of me and my heart is long gone.
I'm sorry, I realize I was the problem.
I guess that's what I get 'cause now I'm sittin' and I'm sobbin'.


And I know you remember our time in oc
All you did was hold me, there to console me.
We had so much fun, we dipped in spots,
Walks along the beach, eaten dip-in-dots.
We went to the store, and shopped like a couple,
I apolgize for the times I said fuck you.
If I could, I would try to give you the world.
I will try my best, please give it a whirl.
You got to be my girl. We could never end.
You're my number one baby, you my best friend.
Our connection was special, our love is real.
That's why I can't give up it's all the love I feel.
Your everything to me.
You help me deal with my life
But now my heart is lost and it feels like a knife.
Please take it out, remove this dagger from chest.
If anyone hurts you, I'll beat that faggot to death.
Listen to what I say, it comes from the soul
But still in my soul which feels like a hole.
Your my other half, we were meant to be.
I'm sorry if I put stress on you mentally.
I sit and I shake. Girl, I've learned my mistakes.
Now please, I need you to take away the ache, to take away the pain and to take away the strife.
What I really want to say is that I need you in my life.
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