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Phantom Of The Studio Lyrics

Avias – Phantom Of The Studio Lyrics

"and now ladies and gentlemen our feature presentation"

It's been... 9 months 50 years
Old face all drenched in tears
Disappointed fans my number one fear
But I cheer cause making music make me stay young
Fresh and new like kelis said better yet like this song
Every other rapper already know that it's on
So I throw em off the map like spit off a tongue
Did I say spit off a tongue? I meant spit off a tongue
Lyrics game so sick make a surgeon feel dumb
A lot of yall say I'm fruity but prefer yall drink plumb
I just want a sour drink that's gone make me go numb
So I don't feel the pain while I'm rapping this song
Stress seem to overwhelm me when I desire calm
But I can't slow down cause whack rappers will pass
I want to go right through yall mario kart on they ass
Yall can slip on a banana better yet on some trash
When I hit the finish line don't be asking for cash
I put yo lyrics in cast out cause they aint bad
Old fingers reaching up for my pen and my pad
Naw I'm a be good cause this is a new year
I'll only drop two tracks then I'm rolling good year
Naw I can't just let up my title like that
I want to ride into may fully loaded top bach
Like I told yall before uma tell yall again
Every studio is mines I'm the phantom within
And I think I'm getting successful ya kno starting a new trend
And yall gone see in the end that I'm gone to win

He's alive
Ha ha ha
The phantom in the studio

[Verse 2:]:
Standing in the studio... Now on a cane
Didn't come from getting whooped it's how long been in the game
Every technology device memorizing my name
Google me one million listings this aint no game
From hannah montana yo I got lil bowwows fame
Don't attempt to spit a rhyme from this I would reframe
Don't rap killing stealing yo this is so lame
Differences between us all I rap truthfully main
Topic of discussion is me in every thread
And when haters sense me coming yo they gracefully spread
Cause I prefer the color blue but don't mind painting faces red
Shouting to top of my lungs off be with their heads
Washing thugs out like gain cause they mouths be too dirty
Avias rapping clean lyrics go ahead spread the wordy
And don't be intimidated with yo girl I aint flirty
Watching movies on my touch screen and didn't mean chirpy
Yall niggaz so old school um like yall fit the description
I came to school yall with some rhymes, money, skip the eviction
Better yet I need tips and guape, yen, and some trips an
Bars don't come free like repowing on whips and
Yall don't have to like me but you will respect
Besides I only know english not what's coming out yo neck
I be like what the heck yall be done in a sec
I'll give em real bars critics will not regret

It's only one real rapper and I call him the nemesis
Oh so you don't believe me then he will be yo nemesis
While he out dropping tracks other niggaz drop demos an
He just trying to relax gucci shoes colored cinnamon

I heard the studio is haunted
Haunted by some say a legendary phantom
Ha ha ha

Yall better run now I mean gracefully spread
I'm the reason you can't make it I'll take off yo head
Yall better run now and this I say is true though
Behind the grimace mask hides the phantom of the studio

I'll keep writing and writing haha writing victory will be mines hahaha

Ladies and gentlemen a round of applause I'm so cocky
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