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Miami Go Crazy Lyrics

Avias – Miami Go Crazy Lyrics

Homegirl missing cause she outside now just fucking
This that kinda music make you wanna shake yo ass
South miami in the beachhouse with the diamonds and the cash
Versace playing them migos walking south beach with some swag
Gucci, coochie, many drinks don't know how you long you gone last

I aint got time for these losers, I aint got time for these haters,
Just left versaces mansion how was the stay, can you rate us
We the illest in the shit, that's why basic bitches hate us
Absorbin all this sunshine, blocking my light sholl aint fakers
I'm the hottest in the shit, spread my name around yo town
This the nemesis in this bitch, avias gets around
I don't know how many more I can drink for I hit the ground
When the papis step up in this building better not be a sound but

[Verse 2:]:
From ft lauderdale, to miami dese bitches going crazy
Lil haiti, why they hate me? Cause basic bitches are lazy
Niggaz looking at me crazy, like nicki look at they ass
They should book me, gon & hook me, done took over the sawgrass
I'm as bad as niggaz come,
Got em looking at me dumb
Got a rarri and ghini
Got the peach one and the plumb
I just brought one for my mom
They eyes squinted chinese hum
Catch em looking like a bomb
Cause I killem with just one song

Where my bad bitches at, thighs bussing out them tights
Where my fly niggaz at, with the fitted on real tight
I'm like batman on these servilians when I come through taking flight
Jordan shots on these niggaz, just brought a new pair that's black

When they play this shit loud shake yall ass to the beats
Matter fact play out,,, throw this shit on repeat
All my ricans if you feel me, throw yall signs in the air
We gone tazmanian on em, crazy like we don't care...

All my silicon babys, all my infl-ated butt honeys
All the ones bout they guape and yen keep a lot of money
Beep Beep pull it over yall speeding and it's so funny
Like trina got a fast ass never looking bombmey

This for my party people move yall heads to this beat
This an avias club banger bitch, put it on repeat
All my bad girl bitches let yo out beast and roar
6 inches red bottoms twerk that shit to floor
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