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Foes Against Me Lyrics

Avias – Foes Against Me Lyrics

Foes against me
Foes against me
Foes against me "Oh MyGosh stop being dumb this song is about"
The foes against me, you know the ones with the dirty tennis
Always finding different rumors to bring me down
Treat me like I'm the biggest star in the town
You know the ones that keep you going round and round
But when you bring confrontation mouths hit the ground
I only got one thing to say to you
Kiss my behind sixty times hope you taste doo doo
Naw I can't be cold hearted and that sounded disgusting
Maybe we can catch a movie, cafe, or discussion
But honestly I don't have time for you and I'll just keep making music
You keep doing what you do

And that's hate on me
Always looking for my downfall never victory
Can't wait to see me fall and hit the ground
I'm just too good for yall so ya don't want me around
And it was a certain time frame that I thought yall would vanish
But the older I get keep yall outrageously mannish

What else do yall want from me
Oh I just don't know what to do
Anymore anymore
I'm desperate to be free
But that feeling remains inside
It's foes against me

[Verse 2:]:
My name is avias seay but they call me the nemesis
Cause my words so super fly they call me airborne sentences
It's the world against me so I stay to myself
Take me out of the equation equals my haters left

It's almost to the end this albums here to win
You don't have to chip in cause it's simply free
Just like my heart, just like my love
No matter what I do, yall don't approve of me
So I'll keep being myself, it's me and god that's left
And I don't really care, what my enemys think
You can hide yourself, you can reveal the truth
But just like you hate, just like uma make it through
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