Adrenaline, when you come around
You make me freeze, you make me freeze

Now my heart stop, everytime you come around
Frozen, and scared to make a fucking sound
You got me feeling you, how to dress to kill and you
Impressed and willing to caress, you ill and you

All i want to do is travel to newyork,
Dine in cafes when we get hella bored
Sail to the jamaica sweet tooth, where the bakers
Get a lil riskay cause we know the world hate us

I know its sad, cant carry convos cause you make me spas-m
And i think its hott, when you give me orgas-m
Heading to l.a. with my foot on the gas

You got me going crazy cause you is that baby,
I see myself with you, no buts or maybes
No buts or maybes, come be that baby


Let me tell you something, did you know that i can blow ya
Be your fantasy tonight let me show ya
So mysterious like um fucking wierd science
Compute what you want and ill fall with compliance
Bras on your head laughing out loud im am dead
So much love a big heart colored red
Always leave my trail like a snake when they shed
Angeline jolie, tomb raider, credits
Im like a big movie triple x now come and do me
This song go hard, shout louder than a groupie
Avias on the mic and this bitch go hard
Just like frost when he killed the second part
When you come around i cant move im estatic
Make me hide away like ann frank in attic
Anything way you pitch bets believe im a bat it
Im so obsessed with you, i done made it fucking habit
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Adrenaline Lyrics

Avias – Adrenaline Lyrics