We're back at the bar
Discussing all the things we've done
And the people we've become
And every weekend is the same

Now I'm out in the street
Staring at the tops of the buildings
Cracked and crumbling
This whole town is a museum

I'm gonna disappear out in the darkness
I'm gonna disappear out in the nothing
I wonder if you'd ever even notice
One less face in this hopeless,
Godforsaken town
(Nah, you wouldn't)

Now I'm stumbling down the alley
Right outside of your apartment
I wonder what you're doing
I wonder if I could do the same

At the park sittin swingside
Thinking of a much simpler time
When the world was open wide
Ode the old days

I'm gonna reinvent myself (I will disappear)
I'm gonna become something else (I will disappear)
I'm gonna recreate myself (I will disappear)
I'm gonna become someone else (I will disappear)

Throw caution off a cliff
And just go fallin with it
No need to test the water
Just go divin right in

Well, I'm gonna disappear

I'm gonna disappear x 5
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Disappear Lyrics

Average Mammals – Disappear Lyrics