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Uh Oh Lyrics

Avengers – Uh Oh Lyrics

Who is the girl you see runnin in the alley?
She's all dressed in white, must be an escapee.
Ah, but she's beautiful, must be a dream
And you're so hungry for the money and cream yea
She said, "I'm a mystery."
Found your way into her fantasy.
Gonna cut around the corner
To see what you can see
And there she is, she's sayin
"Don't you follow me. No, no."
She's got a smile like a knife in her teeth
And you're got a pleasure problem
With you sweaty hands.
She says, "I got my business, got no time
For you. Goin to a wedding,
Getting married to myself. "
And she says, "Oh, I'm a mystery,
You better stick it with your fantasy,
And don't you try to put your claws in me,
Cause if you do I'm gonna make you real sorry you did.
Uh oh uh oh The answer is no. "
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