Sifting through the shadows
A violent force bent on your destruction
Evil intentions
Seeking the payment assigned

All around
All you see
Shifting faces of the enemy

Burst of fire from the dark
Hunting you until you die
No escape from the fear
You will die tonight
Terror stalking everywhere
Feel their presence, know they're there
Invisible to all who seek

Killers lurking in the dark
Cutting you to pieces
Those who try to fight
Shall die
To appease the need
A demanding sacrifice
Of a human life

[Lead - Eric]

Striking from a distance
Anticipation running through your mind
Cold and remorseless
Targeting your vital signs

Mercenary terror
Paid to kill
Contract on your life
Deadly and evil
Masters of the art of death

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Assassins Lyrics

Avenger Of Blood – Assassins Lyrics