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Contre Le Tens/Toda Cousa Lyrics

Avalon Rising – Contre Le Tens/Toda Cousa Lyrics

Contre le tens qui devise
Yver et pluie d'este
Et la mauvais se debrise
Qui de lonc tens n'a chante
Ferai chancon car a gre
Me vient que j'ai en pense
Amores qui en moi s'est mise
Bien m'a droit son dart gete
(During that time between winter and the rains of summer
When the blackbird sings who hasn't sung for such a long time,
I will make a song, because the desire comes to me,
And I have been thinking about it. Love, who has lodged in me,
Has indeed struck me straight in the heart with his arrow.)

Toda cousa que a Virgen seja prometuda,
Dereit'e: et gran razon que lle seja teuda.
D'est'un fremoso miragre fez Santa Maria
En Chartres por hua moller que jurad'avia
Que non fezesse no sabado obra sabuda
Per que a Santa Maria ouvesse sannuda.
(All those who ever promise something to the virgin,
It is just and there is great reason that they keep that.
It is of a wonderful miracle done by Holy Mary in Chartres
For a woman who swore an oath that she would never work on Saturday...)
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