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No Hope! Lyrics

Autumn – No Hope! Lyrics

Ride with a stick
With a bad ass bitch
Fat ass titties
We came a long ass way, man
Racks did it to me, yeah
Racks did it to me

[Verse 1: Summrs]
Told all my niggas "We rich as fuck, woah", yeah
Send a open to Wick I'm like "Go nuts", yeah
I don't know why these niggas want to be us, yeah
It’s only 2 seasons ain’t no 3 of us, yeah
She seen the top drop, she wanna ride with us, yeah
We in a two-seat droptop, you can't ride with us, yeah
Meet me and Wick at Barneys, come get fly with us, yeah
We do keep the sticks out, yeah, so don't try to plot on us, yeah
And my bitch she want that new Prada, haha, yeah
Told that hoe my [?] mama, woah
I dropped out of 10th grade, got a bag, swear you made a goat, mama, yeah
Remember when they ain't had no hope, mama?
I'm safe all of the times that we was broke, mama
Remember when you told me don't put my trust in no hoe, mama? Ye, yeah
Now I'm going up, now they want me it's more drama, yeah
But fuck these hoes I already told these hoes "My money finer!"

[Verse 2: Autumn]
I remember at the bottom it was just us, mama
Now me and Clancy rich as fuck, we don't give a fuck, mama
Take her to Chanel, you could get what you want now (Yeah)
On a tour with that [?] when I'm on now (Yeah)
Can't walk around without that, baby that's what I'm on now
Got twin xd's they sisters like Beez' and Ramona
Let a lil nigga try me we gon put his lil ass in a coma
Be the same lil niggas that wanna work say that I'm on now
Niggas say that I'm trash but he stealing swag, c'mon now
Walk right in the bank it's starting to feel like I'm home now
I'ma let the nigga play now she asking me what I'm on now
Now this hoe all in my face she want me to make her a song now
Nobody really had faith in me but it made me stronger
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