[Hook: Rey Fonder]

Girl, I wanna kick it with ya
Girl, I wanna kick it with ya
Take another shot, another sip
With ya, take another shot
Another sip with ya

Got me White girl wasted, got me white
Girl wasted, got me white girl wasted
Got me white girl wasted. [2×]

[Verse: Auto]

Girl, I wanna get down with ya
Girl, I wanna get down with ya
Get high all night, smoke an once
With ya, get high all night smoke
An once with ya

Get you stoned so Faded, get you stoned so faded
Get You stoned so faded, get you stoned
So faded, Rey roll up then blaze it
Can't forget lace it, she's hammered

Tipsy, wasted bottles of bottles of
Cases, now I'm trying to hit a slut
Get her so loose, liquored up she fell
Down to the floor, the bouncer's started

To pick her up, back to the bar what you thinking?
Pour me what she's drinking, girl you work hard
Everyday, time to party hard on the weekend

It's no time to sleep it, We turn't up and geek'n
I need something to grab on, somebody call me
An cab home

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White Girl Wasted Lyrics

Auto – White Girl Wasted Lyrics