Check, check
One, Two

I know I've said this many times before
But dit is always true
I first said dit das da Terminator
Now I'm reminding you!

Ay'l be back
I'll be back
All be back
I'll be back!

You can always count on me
To come back and save da day
No matter what da body count must be
I will make da bad guys pay!

Sometimes I seek revenge (yeah)
Sometimes I just wanna pay a visit

Either way I want it obvious (exactly)
You wouldn't want ta miss it

Ay'l be back!
I'll be back!
I'll be back!

Let's shred!

Circle pit

I know I've said dis many times before, but dit is always true!
I first said dit das da Terminator, and now I'm reminding you!
Just like I promised, I'm back as you can see!
I hope dis song has been as brutal fer you, as it was for me!

I'll be back!
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I'll Be Back Lyrics

Austrian Death Machine – I'll Be Back Lyrics