Void (low to high)
Drifting through space
No signs of life
Lightyears away
Alone in the void

The shuttle approaches on a comet
In a constellation uncharted

Hurtling through empty space
The comet's trail dissipates


Magnetic fields disrupted
Communication disconnected

As they gaze upon the stars
Unblinking eyes watch their flight (carry out)

Intently, they await
Unaware, the prey
Racing to their fate

Something wrong, the scanner cries
Paralyzed, their feeble minds
Of all thought they're hypnotized
Trance imposed, soon will die

"Comet's interior, we must inspect!"
The captain demands, none object
Into space, they eject
Spacemen floating to their deaths

Hidden voices calling them, from the shadows, sharp teeth grin
Inside the asteroid, unseen eyes
Waiting until the time is right

In silent space, the humans fly
Discovery made, alien design
All things frozen, crystallized, it's a tomb the humans find

(Skip 4)


(Inst. break)

-Long High Vocal-

Now, the shuttle returns
Back in earth's orbit, but no crew aboard
The only one found, a woman preserved
Back to the planet, to be observed

In a top-secret lab
The body is stored, to be dissected
As the scientist picks up his scapel
The imposter opens it's eyes, awakened

Sucking from the life of the unlucky scientist
The creature's strength is returned
Taking from him, his very soul, and absorbed
The vampire alien is restored!

A terror, unspeakable by name
In days, spreading across the globe

The conquest of planets, no feat
For our new masters, we're just something to eat
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Provocation Of Death Lyrics

Australis – Provocation Of Death Lyrics

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