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Big Tex's Girl Lyrics

Austin Lounge Lizards – Big Tex's Girl Lyrics

(Hank Card/Kristen Nelson)
You've all heard tell of Pecos Bill
Who rode a cyclone 'til it broke
Well, at the Texas State Fair
There's an even bigger bloke
That cowpoke's name is Big Tex
Fifty-two feet tall he stands
Outside he's just a mannequin
But inside he's a man
And a man gets lonely
So his heart was full of woe
Until he met a filly
By the name of Heather Jo
So at twilight on the border
As the smoke begins to curl
The heard all loves to hear this story
About Big Tex's girl
All day long she sits beside Big Tex
As he greets the folks at the State Fair
You may say her motives are complex
I think she's just happy sitting there
She grew up in North Dallas full of angst
So she dyes her hair and wears black leather
But now to that angst she says "No thanks"
Sticking to Tex through the hottest weather
She does not have eyes for the prize roosters
And she's cold toward the reptile boy
Corny dogs don't thrill her like they used to
She only needs Big Tex to bring her joy
Big Tex seems to be a happy fella
But his loneliness she recognized
Searching for a tattooed mademoiselle
Not afraid to love a man his size
All her friends in school were non-conformists
So she became a non-conformist, too
But the change inside her was enormous
When Big Tex said, "Je t'aime, mon petit chou"
She's not lost inside the House of Mirrors
She no longer rides the Tilt-a-Whirl
Midway barkers cannot draw her nearer
She just wants to be Big Tex's girl
Howdy, folks. Welcome to the State Fair of Texas
She hears him saying
Heather Jo, I love you, though small minds reject us
Toast them with a giant Dr. Pepper
Hoist your turkey legs into the air
To the love birds of two different feathers
And their big romance at the State Fair
You might say that their love has no future
The crowd around his feet may taunt and tease
But pardner don't you try to disabuse her
'Cause she's just happy as Big Tex's squeeze
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