December why are you so strange
Your leaves fall, your face turns to gray
I don't like how you treat my brain
So when I wake up I'll be on my way

I don't mind if my feelings change
Maybe I'll control them some day
Darling if you you feel I've been strange
Would you just say so and help me find my way

I don't like that look on your face
Your ears close your eyes get so glazed
Well I've been blind but I can't turn away
There is not on thing about you that is plain

Well there's a whole lot of words that I should never speak
There's so many thoughts that I wish I'd never think
There's a joy in my bones that I cannot defeat
No matter how I try with my own techniques

And oh my God whereve you been of late
My tongue froze everytime I'd pray
But you're the theif that I cannot escape
No matter where I turn I still find your face, find your face
I've been blind but I can't turn away
So december I wont miss your taste
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December Lyrics

Austin Crane – December Lyrics

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