Verse 1:
You’re always in my dreams
The only thing my mind can think,
But only time will tell us
What the future brings.
Your always on my mind,
You get me every time
I know the odds are against us,
But I promise you’ll be mine.

So take my hand,
Lets run away.
So take my hand

Chorus: I want to be there for
Every tear you cry
Every laugh you make
Every breath you take
And I know we’re not together now
But we will be soon
I know I'm not your first
But I’ll be your last.
Come away with me
Let’s forget the past
Don’t worry about
What everybody says
Just give me your heart
And let me do the rest.

Verse 2:
And I could spend hours
Starring into your eyes,
And when you put your hand in mine
All of my problems die.
So when you feel alone
Listen to your song,
Just know we’ll be together
I promise it won’t be long
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Sarah Lyrics

Austin And Andy – Sarah Lyrics

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