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Reset Lyrics

Audio Push – Reset Lyrics

What you doin' with that all that ass
What you doin' with that all that cash
Why you standing all on that couch
If you can't supply me this bounce, try to keep up

[Verse 1: Oktane]
If I don't really know you I'mma reset
I got my lane in the game, got my feet wet
I do the body good, did all three steps
That's what I did for my city, IE shit
I'm getting back to it, how I do it niggas hatin' on me
They speaking out of tone at home like they waiting on me
They either bopping or they silent, man they can't confront me
Don't even think to tweet it, if you won't say it to me
Get it back, relevant
These backwoods got me feelin' hella bent
Real god flow is only heaven sent
Pay up never give, you was on in the past
But you talkin' cause it's quiet for your present tense
Nigga stop playing with me, what you saying to me
One call to your broad, have her layin' with me
And don't test it, the last nigga flex got X'd
Cause yo shawty know a nigga got next
Got neck, Got gone
The west is the coast, that's my home
So if you watchin' anything watch your tone
Cause nigga now we on, a fake frienemy's a enemy
And 2015 to infinity is him or me

[Hook: Oktane][x2]
If I don't really know you Imma reset
I got my lane in the game, got my feet wet
I do the body good, I did all three steps
Who could do it like me, nobody, Keith Sweat

[Verse 2: Price]
I was born in '90, been ready since '89
That's to show you rookies I'm way ahead of my time
Used to think I was Tookie when I was clappin' that nine
Now rappers that overlook me, they all worshippin' my rhymes
It's all part of the climb, I'm just prayin' that it's genuine
Somebody tell her bring the silverware, dinner plates and the menus in
It's time to eat, and if you're reaching for my plate I'll send you in a body bag
So fuck your views and fuck all your opinions
Don't make a nigga hit the reset
I'm progressin' and I don't ever wanna digress
I'm tryna keep me peace yes, but I demand my respect
24 years young and I ain't got no regrets
She with you, she stressed
She with me, we flex
She with you, weak sex
She with me, freak fest
But I be working, I don't take a day off
Playin' with my pay, I go from A1 to AWOL

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