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Peace Pipe Lyrics

Audio Push – Peace Pipe Lyrics

[Hook : Price] x2
Said I'mma need an Indian peace pipe for this (Put them up)
Hold up your peace signs for this
I gotta make sure that I preach right for this (Put them up)
Hold up your peace signs for this
See I'mma need all of the free minds for this (Put them up)
Hold up your peace signs for this
Hold up your peace signs for this (Put them up)
Hold up your peace signs for this

[Verse 1 : Price]
I'm your neighborhood love dealer (neighborhood love dealer)
This for my gorillas
That bang Badu and love Dilla, charging everybody
Hit-Boy said "We The Plug nigga!" and the fee
It's keepin' it G and speakin' the truth
Which just so happens to be what I frequently do
You need that work put AP in the stu'
I go A-P-E in the booth, you touch me you get your fever reduced
That boy cold, you so worry bout reaching the youth
You ain't even in tune with keeping it you
In '08 we start to innovate
Ya tried to give a shade for what rappers is doing today
Wait let me demonstrate
They in the video dancing , ya praise it
Simple 808 beat jammin', ya praise it
Weird clothes and skinny pants, ya praise it
And these here today, gone tomorrow songs is ya'll favorite
So save it, ooh I got 'em mad
Like back in my younger days, when I used to have
The negro league jeans patched with the hat to match
Pro Club inside out so you dumb nigga can see the tag
Man if I gotta go out it's gonna be like the crocodile hunter
What's that?
Bitch that's doin' what I wanna
With my heart to the corner and my chin to the cloud
It's just the tape, wait 'til the album come out nigga

[Hook : Price] x2

[Verse 2 : Oktane]
Stand back let a king get his space
Let me find the livest people in the place
What is the fuck is up?
Sorry for cussing my moms is prolly listenin'
But watchin' niggas hating on us then lovin' us is fucking nuts
Made something out of nothing, how real is that?
The style's all authentic, that's what they feelin' that
So I don't need your apologies
Just do what your girl already does and follow me
See that's what they gotta be, it's not for nothing
Boy it done got so popping that I got new cousins
That they ain't my cousins, they just call me when they wantin' something
I guess that come when your name is what they won't stop discussing
Baby you gotta love it
Ain't no function like a Vibe Tribe function
Cause a Vibe Tribe function really turns
I represent that West Coast, we call it the best coast
Cause tree is universal, baby this is where it burns
I got the light, who's got the trees ?
I mean I'm high sorry reverse it, I got the weed
O-K-T-A-N-E is tellin' all his smokers, what up?
So what we get high? get over it and shut up
Hold up a second
One time if you ever been stressed
Look all the good things you realize you've been blessed
Now throw up you middle finger and then put up your index
Now turn it around
Peace, Love, Weed and Sex

[Hook : Price] x2
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